Little Wings Day Care Centre Society opened in November 1991 as an Infant/Toddler centre created as an initiative of the Maintenance and Engineering Department of Canadian Airlines International. The purpose of Little Wings Daycare was to develop and deliver a Richmond-based, self- sustaining, integrated continuum of child care services that reflect family and community needs. The goal of Little Wings is to offer children fun and educational experiences, within a safe nurturing environment.

A dedicated effort by many people over a period of two years resulted in the completion of a new facility for Infants in April 1996. This made it possible to then develop a program for 3-5 year old children allowing for 3 distinctive programs at Little Wings Daycare. Once Canadian Airlines disbanded, Little Wings entered into a land lease agreement with Air Canada in 2001.

In early 2018 Little Wings Daycare Society was advised that its current land lease would not be renewed, and Little Wings would have to vacate the property by May 30, 2019. Little Wings Takes Flight was the new direction for our centre and through the hard work and perseverance of board and staff, Little Wings found a new lease with the Vancouver Airport Authority.

On January 2, 2020 Little Wings Day Care Centre Society re-opened its doors in a new location at 3033 Templeton Street in Richmond, British Columbia.

Little Wings provides infant, toddler and 3-5 childcare for children attending on a part time or full time basis. Many of these families are employees of the Vancouver Airport Authority, airlines or other airport related organizations and most of them work on Sea Island. 

Little Wings staff work exceptionally hard to provide a loving and supportive environment to promote each child's development based on Early Childhood Education training and to support families in raising their children.

March 2023 - Due to the high number of requests we receive each day we unfortunately have decided to CLOSE our waiting list for new applicants.

With our acceptance into the $10 Day Child Care Program the demand for our centre has increased substantiality and we do not want to give false hope for limited spots that become available each year. We will continue to contact current waitlist families if a spot becomes available.

When we are able to re-open the waiting list we will post the date here on our website.