How do I enroll my child at Little Wings?

February 21, 2024 - Little Wings Daycare Society is re-opening the waitlist for children born in 2024 that will be needing care in 2025. There is NO availability for January – December 2024 and we will not be adding names of children who need care in 2024.

With our acceptance into the $10 Day Child Care Program the demand for our centre has increased substantiality and we do not want to give false hope for limited spots that become available each year. We will continue to contact current waitlist families if a spot becomes available.

Typically we have most of our available spaces open up in September every year, which is when our 5 year olds leave the daycare to go to Kindergarten.

New openings are usually in the Infant Program and become available only once we have moved all of the currently enrolled children up into the next level of programs. Most children at Little Wings would therefore start at about 1 year old in September and stay until August of the year they turn 5 years old.

What are the fees for Little Wings Daycare?

Infant /Toddler Program
FT- $200
3 Days - $130
2 days- $90

3-5 Program
FT - $200
3 Days - $130
2 Days - $90

Little Wings Daycare is a participant in the $10 Day Child Care BC Program

What are the hours of operation?

Little Wings is open from 7:00 am -5:30 pm Monday - Friday

How do I put my child on the waitlist?

Please email the information below to 

What information do you require in order to add me to the waiting list?

Please provide the following information in your email to be placed on our waiting list.
  • Parent Names
  • Child’s name
  • Birthdate/due date
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • What type of care is needed Full-time or Part-time 
  • Ideal start date (month)
Please note, our PT days are set as (2 days-Tuesday/Thursday) or (3 days-Monday/Wednesday/Friday).

Can I come for a tour of Little Wings?

Due to the high number of families on our waitlist we only offer tours once a spot becomes available. At that time we will contact you and arrange for you to come see the centre in person before you make your decision to enroll your child. 

Can you estimate when a spot will become available?

Unfortunately until a child gives notice to withdrawal from our centre, there is no way to accurately predict when a spot will open up. Generally the summer months are the best time to get in because our 5 years olds will leave for kindergarten and spots start to open up. Enrollment does fluctuate due to various reasons so spots do sometimes become available throughout the year. We recommend that you stay in touch with us via email or telephone to continuously update your file. It is a bit harder to find a spot in our Toddler program because the Infants that are already enrolled at Little Wings have priority over new toddler aged children.

Can you tell me my number on the waitlist?

We are unable to give you a number of where you are on the waitlist because it does not accurately predict when you would get a spot. Some of the criteria that we look at to determine who is next in line for a spot are: date of placement on the waitlist, age of the child (most of our spots are for infants), when the spot is needed, what type of spot is required (FT vs. PT) and do they have a sibling currently attending Little Wings.

What happens once a spot becomes available?

Once a spot becomes available, a director will start the process of calling families on the waiting list. Some families will decline the spot offered because they have found alternate care, or the spot does not fit their needs (PT vs. FT). If a family accepts the available spot, a deposit of one half month’s fees will be required to secure the spot. This deposit will be put towards your child’s first month of childcare fees.

Do I go to the bottom of the waitlist if I decline a spot offered to me?

No, you will stay exactly where you are on the waiting list and will be called once again once a spot becomes available that matches your needs.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

A half month fees will be required to hold a spot for your child payable once you accept the daycare spot. This money will be applied to the first month your child attends Little Wings Daycare.

How do I pay my daycare fees?

Fees are due, in advance, on the first day of each month. We use pre-authorized debit through Vancity and a form will be given to you to fill out when you pay your deposit. Enrolled days/spots booked and paid for are not transferable. If your child is unable to attend daycare on a day he/she is enrolled for, you may not use another day in replacement.

Do I have to pay daycare fees if we go on holiday or want to take a break?

If you would like to take an extended absence from Little Wings you can either continue to pay for your spot while you are away or you can withdrawal from the centre. When you go away on holiday the expectation is that the space you occupied be held for you until you return. Monthly fees are just like paying rent or paying a mortgage, you will be responsible to continue to pay your monthly fee.

Are the staff at Little Wings qualified and certified?

All of the staff at Little Wings are qualified Early Childhood Educators, all have basic ECE certification and many also have Infant /Toddler and Special Needs certification. All staff at Little Wings have a valid and current First Aid certification and criminal record check.

We encourage and support further training and education in the field of Early Learning, all staff attend workshops, seminars and conferences on a regular basis so that we can ensure our staff are current and well educated in their field.

What is the staff to child ratio?

Our children to staff ratios are as follow:
Infant Program: 4 children to 1 staff ratio
Toddler Program: 4 children to 1 staff ratio
3-5 program: 8 children to 1 staff ratio

Where is the centre located?

Little Wings is located at 3033 Templeton Street in Richmond. We are across the street from Sea Island Elementary school and behind Park and Fly near YVR Airport.

What will my child eat during the day?

The centre provides a daily morning and afternoon snack based on the Canada Food Guide and parents provide a lunch for their child each day.

What type of parent participation is required?

Little Wings Daycare is a Not-for-Profit Society and therefore relies heavily on parent input and participation. Everyone has different talents and expertise and also different schedules and amount of time available. As a result we have compiled a task list to allow parents to participate at a level they are comfortable with. Some of the areas we have had assistance from parents in the past are as follows: Board of Directors positions, grant writing, computer knowledge, gardening, plumbing, carpentry, and basic handyman skills